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January 2016

Sedation may be right for you!
IV Sedation / Conscious Sedation

Dr. Appelin completed training in sedation in 2009 during his hospital based residency in Florida. On his sucessful completion of additional California coursework in early 2014, he attained an Oral Conscious Sedation Permit for California. 

Most recently, in late 2015, Dr. Appelin fulfilled the needed requirements to obtain a full Conscious Sedation permit (this is needed to administer IV sedation in the dental clinical setting). IV sedation can be used to help even the most fearful patients get through a root canal or surgical procedure.  For more information on sedation click here.

With comprehensive training, proper permits, and many sucessful cases already completed; Dr. Appelin puts patient's minds at ease knowing that their specific surgery, or root canal therapy can be completed in a safe, relaxed and comfortable setting.

Ask us about sedation, it may be right for you!