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Pacific Endodontics: Root Canal Therapy, GentleWave Therapy, Microsurgery, Bone Grafting and Dental Implants. Monterey CA - Salinas CA



December 2014

California Implant Institute
Dr. Appelin is a Fellow of the California Implant Institiute

Dr. Appelin is a Graduate and now Fellow of the California Implant Institute.

The one year Fellowship Program provided over 300 hours of continuing education focused specifically on Dental Implants. Additionally Dr. Appelin completed two Live Surgical Externships offered by CII.  


When asked why he is pursuing supplemental training in Implant Dentistry Dr. Appelin replied:

"I am in the business of saving teeth. If there is a chance a tooth can be saved I want to be in the conversation before it is removed."

Some teeth cannot be predictably treated Endodontically or may be poor candidates for long term restoration. These select troublesome teeth may be candidates for removal and replacement with another very predictable treatment option. Implants may offer the solution...

At Pacific Endodontics we understand that we owe it to our patients to have all treatment options on the table before any surgery, extraction or implant placement is completed.  


"Having all the facts beforehand, multiple treatment options to select from, and the prognosis for each option presented allows for the best decision for each individual patient to become clear.  Having the knowledge skills and the ability to offer a variety of surgical options gives my patients the understanding that the best treatment plan has been tailored for their care. I am confident that this provides our community a great service even before any treatment has been completed. It's what I would want if I was having any surgical procedure done." - Eric Carl Appelin DMD -


By supplementing his Endodontic knowledge with Implant training; Dr. Appelin is in a unique position to not only save teeth with Root Canal therapy but also: guide implant planning, bone grafting, site evaluation and implant placement, when a tooth has a questionable or unfavorable prognosis for Root Therapy. 


Dr. Appelin is now a surgical instructor for Californa Implant Institute (Click here to read more)