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3D CBCT is the FUTURE of diagnostics and surgical planning.
  •  CBCT Technology is an exciting diagnostic tool that is currently changing the mindset of dental practitioners worldwide...


  • Research and development have led to an enormous ammount of information on this blossoming field. 


  • Up to date information on this exciting technology can be found online but cannot be reproduced on our website due to the speed and motion of the field of radiology. Links to the most informative sites may be added as available with permission.  


  • Here at Pacific Endodontics; we continue furthering our understanding of this developing technology by taking non-required Continuing Education for advanced certifications in CBCT interpretation and technology. Click here to view our newsletter.


  • CBCT has become a way to perform "virtual surgery" allowing questions to be answered before costly surgical therapy is attempted. Knowing the anatomy and pathology in advance allows surgery to be completed faster and with greater accuracy.
Updated Information
The use of cone-beam computed tomography in dentistry : An advisory statement from the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs


The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs JADA 2012;143;899-902

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