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Treatments and Procedures

Root Canal Retreatment Explained

Why do I need another Root Canal?

Re-treatment of the Root Canal System may become necessary for a variety of reasons:

  • New decay can infect the entire length of the root canal system causing a new infection at the tip of the tooth.
  • Blocked or Untreated canal space can harbor bacterial infection and lead to symptoms like pain and abscess if not addressed in a timely manner.



If you still have a tooth you still can get decay.




Evaluating the Tooth: A multistep approach
  • Removal of existing filling material, sealer cleaning the tooth and gaining access to the infected bone is necessary. 
  • For safety; a crown may need to be removed if a good seal, or proper isolation, cannot be accomplished while keeping the restoration intact.
  • Additionally a crown may need to be removed to inspect the restorability of the tooth.
  • In some cases the existing restoration can be left intact while accomplishing Re-treatment.
  • Every scenario is different and must be fully explored to determine the safest most predictable way to allow for adequate healing following Re-treatment.  
Setting the stage for healing
  • Re-treatment is usually a multiple visit process spanning from a few weeks and in severe cases months. 
  • Calcium Hydroxide paste is placed in the canals to help the cleansing process.
  • On completion Gutta Percha is placed in the newly cleaned canals sealing the toth from the infected bone. 
  • Questionable bone healing is addressed early in the process so that when the final filling material is placed you are on your way to predictable healing.
After your Re-treatment
  • Bone healing can take many months following Re-treatment.
  • Follow-up should be scheduled to examine how well the bone has healed.
  • In some cases bone healing is incomplete and additional surgical intervention may be necessary.
  • When Re-treatment is completed a new restoration, or crown, is placed and the tooth is put back into use.