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Eric Carl Appelin, DMD

Root Canal Awareness Week

Root Canal awareness week is March 22nd - March 28th. 

This is the time to let all patients know that Root canals relieve pain from tooth infection or dammaged nerves.

  • There will be news spots and other information available online stressing these key values:
  • Nothing man made tooth is as good as your own healthy natural tooth. 
  • Root canal therapy is performed by General Dentists but Endodontists are Root Canal Specialists.
  • If you need a Root Canal that is out of the comfort level of your general dentist ask for referral to an Endodontist. 
Posted:  3/5/2015 6:04 PM
Myths about Root Canals

Currently there are any number of patients dentists and even specialists that have misconceptions about root canal therapy. 

Here are a few that have recently been brought to light by the AAE, or The American Asociation of Endodontists. I have included a link to the public website. 

Myths about Root Canals

I am adding a response to the question asked below: Typically your regular Dentist will be the first person to note if a Root Canal is indicated. If you are in pain you may be the first person to know it. Please inform your dentist if you are having pain biting chewing or with hot or cold temperatures in your mouth. 

I suspect you have been told that you need a Root Canal but your Dentist gave you a vague reason. Sometimes teeth require more exploration before knowing if Root Canal Therapy is absoultely indicated. It is very common for General Dentists to refer for consultation to Endodontists to discuss all treatment options before any treatment is completed.  If you have any other questions please visit the patient section of our website, or call the office directly, to set up an appointment.   

Thank you for your question, I hope this helps you with your decision to seek treatment.

Posted:  2/12/2015 6:28 PM
Pacific Endodontics has a new Blog

I have always wanted to have a blog space. Somewhere I can reflect on my practice, let others know what I am interested in, and answer questions as they arise. We have a newsletter but this blog may allow for a less formal reflection on the questions challenges and changes that occur in our Endodontic practice. 

I will be posting to this feed intermittently and as time permits. If there is a specific question posted I will take the time to read it and respond. Also know you can always call the office to talk to one of our helpful staff or ask to speak with me directly.

Thank you for your time and patience,


Posted:  12/3/2014 11:03 PM